Be Different by Nature.

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At it’s heart, Be Different by Nature was built on the belief that everything matters...that every living thing has a purpose, a unique way of being and a story to share.

A belief that nature gives us all we need for an abundant life...that compassion and connectivity are at the center of all...and, that one people-one planet is truly a reality to embrace.

We also know that each living thing is decidedly different, possessing individual characteristics and ways of being that are unique yet varied...a perfect representation of its purpose and passion.

It is these ideas that have fueled Be Different by Nature and have thereby inspired Mauruuru (MA•roo•roo), a small collection of children’s ‘lifewear’ that shares stories of nature to help shape the next generation.

It is with great hope that you find Mauruuru’s nature inspired stories, and the guidance offered, a step toward positive change in a delicate world. The limited edition lifewear offered is an opportunity to share the message with the world.

So, while Be Different by Nature is many things, its fundamental message lies in celebrating the unique while uniting all living things, knowing that as one we can transcend the ordinary but together we can change the world.




Creative Communicator | Producer | Storyteller

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